• felicity roberts

    Great to have website again! Could you send me a password please?

    • 12:19 pm - 29th October 2014

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    • immiejay

      You need to sign up as a member (even if you are already a member) on the membership page and choose your own password.

      You can then register for the talks.

      • 3:38 am - 30th October 2014

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  • Katerina Anesti

    Good morning
    I would be grateful if you could send me details of membership of DEMLA.
    I am a consultant Plastic Surgeon in Exeter with a medicolegal practice.
    With kind regards
    Katerina Anesti

    • 9:12 pm - 18th September 2015

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    • immiejay

      We would welcome you to join.

      Signup on our signup page signup page

      • 6:21 am - 5th October 2015

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